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Palace On Wheels

Rajasthan is a magnificent land of numerous kingdoms, majestic forts and palaces, diverse cultures, varied landscapes and vibrant colours. The best way to experience this royal land is with the Palace on Wheels. It stands on its tracks, a gleaming sealed carriage, the personification of regal. …

Royal Rajasthan On Wheels

Immerse yourself in the intriguing sagas of forts and palaces, and embark upon adventurous escapades to the wilds, all from the luxurious environs of the train. This train is newly-built and melds contemporary style with royal affluence. You will be delighted with the magnificent interiors …

Luxury On Wheels

Rajasthan is the land of a lot of the fascinating saga of different cultures and palatial forts. This state is popular for its imperial life and unlimited architecture. Enclosure and beautiful palaces are popular for those reigns of mighty Rajasthani rulers. By the way, the governed of the kings is no more. Although, the royalty can be experienced through extensive, royal train rides across the Rajasthan state.

Rajasthan Tourist Train

It has the 4th biggest railway network in the world, Indian railways along with IRCTC that handle a number of luxury trains everywhere the country, out of which three negotiate through the Rajasthan state and popular as Palace on Wheels, and Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.

Basically, the luxury train in India, however, has been around for the last just about 20 years, since the presentation of the Palace on Wheels, has as of late picked up a great deal of ubiquity, and travelers to the Indian subcontinent, now appear to have found, that extravagance trains are a amazing way to encounter the sights of India.

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